In-Service Training Requirements for Louisiana Law Enforcement Officers

  1.      Minimum Training Requirements

 All level 1(basic) and level 2 (basic Corrections) certified peace officers, excluding elected and appointed agency-heads, are required to complete the following in-service requirements annually, between January 1st and December 31st, beginning the first calendar year after receiving their POST certification:

  • 8 hours of Firearms training (may include annual POST firearm qualification).·         4 hours of Defensive Tactics (Officer Survival) training.·         2 hours of Legal Updates, and Instruction (may include Ethics).

    ·         6 hours of Electives (may not use overage hours from the above topics).

All “grandfathered” peace officers must meet the same in-service requirements as certified officers.

Non-enforcement grandfathered officers are exempt from this requirement.

  1. Failure to Meet Training Requirements

 The officer is given a 90-day suspension period in which to make up his hours.   The officer’s POST certification will be revoked and become invalid if his in-service training deficiency is not cured within the 90-day suspension period.
To obtain certification again, the officer must attend and successfully complete a “refresher” course at an accredited academy.

Peace officers called to active duty military must complete the in-service training requirement at the conclusion of their active duty service.

III.      Training Coordinator

 Effective January 1, 2014, each law enforcement agency shall designate one Training Coordinator to manage the training affairs of their agency’ officers throughout the year.  The head of an agency may serve as the training coordinator. The Training Coordinators are required to use the designated Learning Management System (LMS) to schedule and document their officer’s training.

To change a training coordinator, click and download this form and fax it back to POST at (225) 342-1672.

Approved by the POST Council, May 13, 2013, September 12, 2013, updated on November 13, 2013, and March 20, 2014. See also Act 210 of 2017.

Q & A for POST In-Service Training

  1. Arepart-time and reserve officers required to meet the in-service training requirements?
  •  All officers who are POST certified (Level 1 Basic and Level 2 Basic Corrections) are required to complete POST In-Service training requirements, regardless of employment  status.
  1. I’ve changed employers and now work for a new agency. How do I keep credit for the in-service training hours I have completed?
  • Your new agency must submit a completed PC-201B to POST that indicates who the new employer is, current status (full time, part-time, reserve), and the date employment started.
    The PC-201B form is located on the LCLE website under POST program.  Once we receive and process the PC- 201B, your training records will change to reflect your new employer.
  1. Which peace officers must complete in-service training hours?
  • All Basic Level 1 Certified Officers, Basic Corrections Level 2 Certified officers, and grandfathered peace officers (including Part-Time and Reserve officers) must complete a minimum of 20 hours
    in-service trainingwithin each calendar year (January 1 – December 31).
  1. Which peace officers are exempt from in-service training requirements?
  • Elected & Appointed Agency Heads, & POST Level 3 (Correctional Officer) certified personnel &
    Non-Enforcement Grandfathered Officers
  1. Must in-service training be conducted by a POST certified instructor?
  • No.   In-Service training hours can be conducted by any instructor approved by the agency head/training coordinator. Annual POST Firearms Qualifications must be conducted by POST Certified Firearms Instructors.6.         Must firearms hours include range time and/or live fire?
  • The training hours approved under each category are at the discretion of each agency head/training coordinator.  Any law enforcement firearms related training can be approved for the firearms hours requirement.
  1. WhatDefensive Tactics system is required for in-service training and is certification within a DT system required?
  • No, POST does not require a specific DT system or certification in that system for In-Service Training hours.  The training hours approved under the “Officer Survival” category are at the discretion of each agency head/training coordinator.
  1. Is an attorney or judge required to conduct legal training?
  • No, this is not required.
  1. What constitutes elective training?
  • The training hours approved under each category are at the discretion of each agency head/training coordinator.
  1. Can instructors receive In-Service credit hours for time of instruction?
  • Yes, if approved by the agency head/training coordinator.
  1. What happens when an officer doesn’t complete the required training by December 31st?
  • As of January 1st, any officer who has not met the required 20 hours of training will have their POST Certification/Registration suspended, and if they do not complete the required hours in 90 days, their POSTCertification/Registration will be revoked.
  1. An officer completed basic training this calendar year.  Is the officer responsible for completing the in-service training requirements for this year as well?  Does this apply to refreshers and those in transition?
  • The requirement for in-service training begins the calendar yearafter the year basic training was   completed. (Also applies to refreshers and transitions).