Crime Victim Assistance

The Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant Program was authorized under the Victims of Crime Act of 1984, Public Law 98-473 to provide financial assistance to states for the purpose of assisting victims of crime through the provision of comprehensive, coordinated direct services. Private nonprofit agencies and local units of government are awarded grants to provide direct services to victims. Priority areas are spousal abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, and previously under served victims. The program requires that agencies funded provide cash or in-kind match, use volunteers and assist victims with filing for compensation through the Crime Victims Reparations Program through the Sheriffs’ Offices throughout the State, and encourage reporting to law enforcement.

For More Information: Contact Rutha Chatwood at 225.342.1625

Victims of crime seeking assistance through the Crime Victims Reparation (CVR) Program should call 888-6-VICTIM  (888-684-2846)